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5/156 Wellington Rd Dianella next to IGA off Alexander Drive

0413 624 663

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master muffin maker

Phil David Understands
Truly Great Coffee

Phil David does everything with heart and is well known by the locals for his manmade brownies, muffins and, of course, his coffee! 


Phil remembers every customers' name and order and his warm and friendly demeanor, together with his skills in the kitchen, create an atmosphere where customers become friends and where the true meaning of hospitality is experienced.


'Every person has a preference in the way they like to drink their coffee and I will always acommodate.

No judgement here!' says Phil as he smiles and serves an extra hot, extra weak Tumeric Latte with almond milk, without pepper or honey :)

We spent many hours tasting different coffee blends and sampled them on our friends before we made our inhouse choice. However truly great coffee depends not only on the blend and the Barista but on the experience of drinking it!


Phil brings warmth and energy to every part of his work and customer relationships. 


Nutritious & Delicious

Phil's 'Manmade' range of muffins, brownies, cakes and biscuits, together with his 'Peppy Superfood' range of Acai bowls and gluten free, preservative/colourant free Low GI snacks and meals are some of the best in Australia, as verified by our well travelled customers!


Even the most discerning foodies are impressed with Phil's catering and continue to hire him for corporate and private events!


Also a Pilates trainer, Phil understands the wellness connection with food and has created a wholesome and hearty menu at EQ to please even the most discerning palate.

Our menu is created with tastebuds in mind!

We care about humans and we care about animals and we advocate for ethical, sustainable produce as much as possible. As a socially responsible and ethically aware business we proudly support like-minded businesses and our local community.


The sourcing of our coffee beans includes Fair Trade Coffee that ensures ethical trade practices with farmers, and Organic coffee that offers our customers a cup of coffee free of chemically treated beans.

At EQ Coffee house you will find less sugar, less refined ingredients, eco friendly and cruelty free.


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters